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Ccs Overview

Crane Connectivity Solutions (CCS) is an entrepreneurial joint venture between Crane Payment Innovations’ vending connectivity team and Crane Merchandising Systems’ Streamware team. By joining forces, CCS is able to combine the robust capabilities of Crane’s existing portfolios with the agility of a tech startup.

The result is a comprehensive technology platform that extends beyond vending and an unprecedented focus on the connectivity solutions that will transform our customers’ businesses. As their lead designers, we worked on one of their platform called Simplifi, as well as print and digital material. We helped to form and communicate about their brand to many businesses.


Brand Design

Simplifi creates technology solutions that are simple to implement, upgrade and use. It helps businesses grow by increasing sales and revenue. Their goal is to simplify the customer’s entire experience with conncectivity technology. Simplifi wants to impact and assist their clients by providing simple technology. This will allow small operators to leverage Simplifi technology.

The square represent, the CCS world, an open door through which our customers enter in search of innovative technology to elevate their businesses. The triangle within the square serves as a subtle but guiding force, representing the strength and leadership of our team. The arrow symbolize the guidance that these clients need to grow their business. The half circle embobies the customers who sometimes are overwhelmed by technology look for simplicity.

Simplifi Brand Attributes
Simplifi Logo Sketches
Simplifi Logo


Print Design

We created marketing and promotional material that were utilized in many of their events throughout the nation. Here are some samples of our work.

CraneConnectivitySolutions PrintDesign Introduction_DuilioDesign@2x.png
CraneConnectivitySolutions PrintDesign CapabilitiesDuilioDesign@2x.png
CraneConnectivitySolutions PrintDesign ContactPostcard_DuilioDesign@2x.png


Digital Design

We designed the layout for their Wordpress landing page; an educational and informative page that helps people understand about Crane Connectivity Solutions. We also worked on mockups for their app

CraneConnectivitySolutions UIDesign Website
CraneConnectivitySolutions  UIDesign LogIn Page MockUp