What is a brand? It's important that your brand communicates to the end users, provokes positive emotions, and also expresses values of your business. Marty Neumeier once said, "A brand is not what you say it is. It is what they say it is." Many believe that a logo is the brand which it's an honest mistake. Don't get me wrong; a logo is important but the logo is meaningless without first defining your brand. We'll strategically help you define your brand. How do your users perceive you? What's your voice in your community? What kind of user experience do you want to give?

Are you ready to thrive together? If yes, take a look at our work.


Molly Dugan

There's good writing, and there's Molly writing. Molly Dugan is an independent writer. When she writes, it's like she's creating a new language. Molly needed a logo that represented her unique talent as a writer. After meeting with her, we designed her brand with an exclamation sign which describe her bold and fearless writing.

Molly Dugan Logo Brand
Molly Dugan Business Cards Brand
Molly Dugan Letterhead Brand

Global Mosaic Exchange

The East meets the West; the West embraces the East. Global Mosaic places internationals into caring American homes during their time of study in the U.S. It emphasizes intercultural understanding, cross-cultural training, and building lasting friendships across diverse internationals lines.

Global Mosaic Exchange Brand Logo
Global Mosaic Exchange MindMap
Global Mosaic Exchange Brand Collateral Material Cincinnati

Zaki Silver

Zaki Silver offers beautiful high quality jewelry from Taxco, México made with gemstones and sterling silver. Zaki means "Life" in the native Otomi language. They portray life in their products, by employing local artisans, by giving back to the community through donations to orphanages, supporting missionaries who preach the life of Jesus who gives life to all who believe.

Saki Silver Branding Logo
Saki Silver Branding Business Card


OAP is a documentary photography studio from Chicago. Their vision is to create memorable stories with every photograph they take. We worked together to design his business’ brand identity. Based on the "O" of his first name, and love for photography, we designed the logo and collateral material.

Oliver Aguilar Photography Brand Collateral Material Cincinnati


 What is a logo? Logo (ˈlōɡō/) noun : a symbol or other design adopted by an organization to identify its products, uniform, vehicles, etc. A logo is a part of your brand; it's not necessarily your brand. What does an Apple has to do with technology devices?


Global Mosaic Exchange Brand Logo